Circumcision Clinic London s a well-known, safe and reliable service which is located in Surbiton, London. The clinic offers male circumcisions for religious, cultural, aesthetic, personal and medical reasons.


The clinic caters to all ages (New born, young boys, adolescent and adults).. The Clinic has been serving the Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities by a skilled surgeon Dr (Mr) Anwar Khan FRCS (Edinburgh) who has performed over 13,000 procedures.. The clinic also provides full pre-procedure counselling and a 24/7 aftercare service. Dr (Mr) Khan offers a thorough professional service with the use of the best techniques to assure a safe and satisfactory outcome for all patients.


Wales Online has published an article about Dr (Mr) Khan and his Circumcision Clinic Cardiff, supporting his efforts regarding servicing the local community. You may read this article here:: New clinic set up in Wales for circumcision.


Reasons to choose Circumcision Clinic London

  • A leading provider of male circumcision for infants, young boys and adults
  • 416 Google reviews (5 *****) about Dr (Mr) Khan’s circumcision practice.
  • Dr (Mr) Anwar Khan has performed over 13,000 procedures in the UK
  • A safe and reliable service by Dr (Mr) Anwar Khan who is registered with the General Medical Council
  • Dr (Mr) Anwar Khan has been working in a sub-speciality of surgery at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport and the University Hospital, Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom with over 20 years
  • The clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • The procedures are performed in high quality designated operating rooms within the clinic
  • All the latest techniques are used, such as ‘Ring Method’ (Circumplast device)
  • Dr (Mr) Khan is an expert in adult circumcision methods including sleeve, free-hand, forceps-guided method, stitches, dorsal slit, revision circumcision, and frenuloplasty (frenulum removal).
  • Dr (Mr) Khan is skilled in all high and low cut, tight and loose type of circumcisions
  • A pain free procedure as local anaesthetic is used to numb the area in advance.
  • 24/7 telephone help and support by Dr (Mr) Anwar Khan and the team
  • Multi lingual staff (English, Urdu and Persian)
  • A complimentary aftercare package with one free follow up is provided
  • We strive for clinical excellence and constantly look for ways to improve