Postoperative Care


Circumcision is a minor surgical procedure that requires little aftercare in the first few days to prevent any complications.

Bleeding is the main complication – though rare, it is possible following the procedure. Significant bleeding may require a review in a small number of cases. You will be asked to stay for at least half an hour, after the procedure after which the patient will be checked again for any active bleeding before being released to go home.

After the Circumplast/Plastibell method, a dark brown or black area around the plastic ring is perfectly natural and will disappear after the ring has fallen off. The skin under the string may also become soft and yellow, like the umbilical cord stump. In our experience the ring will fall off naturally between the 3rd and the 14th day (being sooner for infants and longer for young boys), leaving a fully healed circumcision. It should not be pulled off under any circumstance.

There may be a little pink or red staining of the nappy for a few hours after the circumcision, and again when the ring separates. There can be a few small stains of blood on the nappy where the penis touches the nappy, which is absolutely normal.

In case of sleeve resection, the stitches will fall off within 7-14 days, and there is no special care that needs to be taken regarding that. Care should be taken when the bandage is being taken off. If it is tightly adhered with the skin, then it should be soaked with some clean luke warm water until it becomes soft and peels off easily. If it is pulled off roughly then it can tear the stitches which can cause the opening and disruption of the wound line.

In both the methods, the local anaesthesia wears off in few hours. You will be advised to give pain control medication. This will keep your child/adult pain free.

A detailed advice sheet will be provided after the procedure to take home.