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Is parking available at the clinic?

There is on street free parking.

Do both parents need to be present?

We need presence of both parents in order to sign the consent form. 

Where is the clinic?

The Circumcision Clinic London is located at the following address:
Circumcision Clinic London
Transcend Consulting Rooms
65 Warren Drive North (Ground Floor)
Surbiton, London

What documents will be needed on the day of the appointment?

You are required to bring: child’s red book or birth certificate (if issued) or wrist bands of baby and mother.Photographic ID (e.g. passport or driving license) for both parents.

What will happen at the clinic?

The doctor will explain about the procedure and risks. He will ask to sign a consent form. Parents can only sign the consent form in case of children.

Will my child be awake?

We use a local anaesthetic cream and injection to numb the penis. This means that the patient is not put to sleep.

Pre-operative preparation for the procedure is very important. You will be told about pain killer medicines and topical anaesthetic cream that will be administered to your son. The pain control medication will help to control pain after the procedure once the anaesthetic effect is worn off. A local anaesthetic cream applied at the base of the penis in a ring fashion makes the skin of that area numb. This helps in reducing the discomfort of needle prick of local anaesthetic injection at the beginning of the procedure. After a few minutes of injection of local anaesthesia the whole skin of penis becomes numb from the base to the tip of the penis.

Expect to spend about two hours at the clinic, though it can be longer. The actual procedure time depends on the technique chosen and age of the patient. Ring method (Circumplast/Plastibell) takes only 5-7 minutes after infiltration of local anaesthetic. Sleeve resection method (cut and stitch) takes 30–60 minutes depending on the age of the patient (child or adult) after infiltration of local anaesthetic.

Patients will firstly be assessed to ensure that he is well. The doctor will take some details about the patient and about his health. If the doctor thinks that patient is not suitable; a full explanation will be given as to why and alternative arrangements will be suggested. Doctor will discuss with you about the procedure and aftercare.
We would also wish to observe the patient for half an hour after the circumcision to ensure that the procedure has been successful without any acute complications like bleeding.

Every baby and child is different. We have had babies and children who have not cried for the injection and have remained quiet during the entire circumcision procedure. Other babies and children start crying as soon as they are undressed and put on the bed.
One way to calm and settle babies and very young children is to give them a bottle of sugary water/milk to drink during the injection and the circumcision procedure. We strongly advise this for all babies, infants and toddlers, even if they are breast-fed.

We encourage parents to stay in the operating room during the entire circumcision procedure. Sometimes other family members, like grandparents and aunts, remain with the child whilst the parents wait outside.

Call us to obtain a quotation for a fresh or a revision of a procedure. A non refundable deposit is required to book an appointment. A prior consultation for a revision procedure will have to be carried out which will incur consultation charges.

You will be required to pay a deposit at the time of booking appointment. We accept cash only. You will be expected to make the payment at the reception on arrival.

Bookings are strictly through appointments. A 48 hours’ notice is required for rescheduling of a confirmed appointment. Failure to do so will make the patients liable to pay the surcharge and administration fee which is 50% of the total cost of the procedure quoted.
If you wish to cancel a confirmed appointment then a week’s notice is required but 50% of the total cost of the procedure quoted will still be payable as the surcharge and administration fee.
In case of a failure of attending the clinic on the day of the procedure or not intimating the clinic about the cancellation of a confirmed appointment a week earlier, a 100% of the total cost of the procedure quoted will be forfeited and the clinic will not be obliged to reimburse that amount under any circumstances.

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