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Dr (Mr) Anwar Khan FRCS (Edinburgh) is a NHS surgeon for the last 20 years. He works in a sub-speciality of surgery at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport and the University Hospital, Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom.  

He is a highly experienced surgeon and assures his customers the safest procedures and best aftercare. He can be contacted 24 hours any time of the day. He has performed over 14,000 procedures to date. This includes adults, infants and children. His work is audited annually. 

Dr (Mr) Anwar Khan is skilled in various techniques of circumcision such as ring method (Circumplast (Novadien Healthcare), Plastibell (made by Hollister Incorporated), sleeve, free hand, forceps guided method, stitches, dorsal slit, revision, redo circumcision, and frenuloplasty. As an expert in his field, Dr (Mr) Anwar Khan carries out the procedures using different techniques as necessary.

He is a member of various medical and regulatory bodies, including the General Medical Council (GMC, 5204297), Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, British Medical Association, ENT Society UK and the International Medical Relief Agency.

Additionally, Dr (Mr) Anwar Khan is the founder and director of Circumcision Clinic, with branches in both Cardiff  ( and Glasgow (

He is a trustee of the International Medical Relief Agency (IMRA), and with the collaboration of the ENT Society UK, regularly volunteers to organise charity surgical camps overseas performing ear surgeries and rhinoplasty procedures. 

He MR (Dr) Khan has presented at various national and international stages and has contributed in several peer review journals.